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Code Date Guidelines

ProductLife Past Code DateDiscard If:
Produce (Fruits/Vegetables) Moldy, soft, discolored
Rice, Pasta, Beans3 yearsInsect infected, moldy
Cans/Bottles/Aseptic Pkgs1 - 3 yearsBulges, leaks, broken seal
Frozen Products1 yearFreezer Burn, odoriferous
Non-Refrigerated Juices1 yearSeal is broken
Crackers, Cereal6 months - 2 yearsInsect infected, stale
Baby Food in JarsUSE BY DATE*Seal is broken
Refrigerated Juices/Tea 1 - 4 weeks past codeSeal is broken
Yogurt1 - 3 weeksMoldy, odoriferous
Bread/Bakery Products3 - 10 daysMold is visible
Milk and Eggs1 weekUnless eggs are cracked
Infant FormulaUSE BY DATEAfter Use By Date
Prepared Salads, PastaUSE BY DATEUnless otherwise specified on the package by the manufacturer

* Baby food can be used up to 6 months past code date as per United States Department of Agriculture, but Westside Food Bank's policy is to use by code date.

The above information is furnished through the United States Department of Agriculture. Please use as a guideline when distributing or preparing food.